How To Transfer Money Instantly Online


In today’s world, many people are increasingly using the internet in every aspect of their lives. One such way is in the realm of personal finance, which has increased in usage so much that people are beginning to conduct their entire financial life digitally. You can now use digital payment processors like Cashero to make instant money transfers to other Cashero users worldwide. No longer is there a need to pay high fees when exchanging from one currency to another. 

In this article, we’ll look at the choices available to you when you’re trying to figure out how to transfer money instantly online. To help pick the right method for you, we’ll outline why you may need to transfer money online as well as the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. 

Why you may need to transfer money online

It’s all very well knowing how you can transfer money online, but it’s important to identify why you may need to do so. Highlighting the instances where instant online transfers are extremely useful can help individuals better understand what method of transfer works best for them.

Pay for goods

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons you may need to transfer money online is to pay for goods that you want to purchase. Very often, regular shops and businesses will have an online shopping site where individuals can purchase products directly online. Every so often, however, some companies will not have set this ability up and instead require a transfer of cash from a person’s bank account. Knowing how to do so is thus imperative if you want to be able to buy anything and everything online.

Move to another account

So many of us have a number of different accounts open, whether at the same financial institution or a different one. And we all do so for many different reasons — for example, having a savings account that is separate from an everyday spending account. People often do this to ensure that they do actually save money and do not delve into savings to cover day to day costs. That’s why being able to transfer money instantly online gives you the ability to move money from account to account from the comfort of your own home.

Send money to someone else

Many of us like to transfer money from our banks to friends or family who we owe money to. It does not have to be a huge amount or for important reasons. Often, individuals like to give cash gifts instead of an actual present, so being able to transfer money instantly online gives you the ability to do this with ease. It could also be that a person is overseas or in a difficult location to send them a present. Again, this is where an instant online transfer is useful.

How to transfer money instantly online

There are a number of highly effective ways to transfer money instantly online. Choosing the one that is right for you is down to how easily you find it to follow the relevant process. Additionally, some methods of online money transfers charge fees, while others are free. It’s not uncommon for money transfer companies to charge fees, particularly when it comes to international transfers. You may find that even higher fees are imposed if you want faster service times. Be sure to check that you know what you will be charged for using any of the below services.

Bank transfer

Using a mobile app or bank’s website to carry out a bank transfer to send money to another account is a straightforward way to transfer cash. Apps will be set up to make the process as easy as possible. You will often need to know the end account that you want to send money to as well as what your online log-in details are. Most banks offer transfers for free between different accounts, even with outside banks, but you may have to wait 3-5 days for the transfer to process. Instant transfers can have a fee of up to $25. Along with that, transferring to other currencies is not an easy process, as you will likely be hit with both currency exchange fees and the transfer fee.


Cashero allows you to send money instantly from one user to another. We’ve taken the pain out of remembering account or card details. All you need is your recipient’s phone number. Once they register for Cashero you can send money via the app. Yup, it’s that easy. Since everything happens online there’s no closure during the weekend or holidays, so you can make a transfer the moment you need to. 

Money Orders

Money Orders are an old school but still useful way of transferring money all over the world. Using them means you can wire individual’s money to their bank account, even if they are in far-flung corners of the globe. The transfer can also be picked up directly in the local currency at specific locations. Again, they may charge a lot in terms of fees, but they’re generally a safe bet. If you want instant same-day transfers, you’ll need to be prepared to pay a high price for that service.

Benefits to online transfers

A few people may still hesitate to use online transfers in preference of going into a bank to fulfil their payment, but that seems to be changing everyday as digital transfer apps become more convenient and user friendly. The following benefits to online transfers are ones that cannot be replicated by more traditional money transfers.


Using an online service means that you have a record already kept of the transfer. Being able to have a trail of transactions is exceedingly beneficial, particularly if there’s confusion as to whether you have paid a person or business therefore.


Once you’ve got the hang of online payments and transfers, the speed at which you can settle bills or send cash to other accounts is phenomenal. Cashero offers instantaneous transfer speed, so you can send money to other users anytime. There are no holidays or weekends to plan around. 


Not having to leave your house to make transfers or having the ability to send cash while you’re on the go is a huge benefit to online transfers. The effort required is much reduced in comparison to other more traditional means of transferring cash.


Security with online financial institutions must be extremely high. Generally speaking, your money is safer being moved electronically than if you were having to move a lot of money physically from one bank account to another by cash or check. Funds transferred through Cashero are protected using security features including multi-party computation (MPC) and hardware isolation with Intel SGX enclaves.

Key takeaways

Transferring money instantly online is one of the biggest advantages to life that the internet has brought us. Making the most of the benefits that online transfers have to offer is an easy way to save yourself time and effort when it comes to your own financial health and administration. With Cashero you can make instant transfers to other users, so your money goes where you need it to, the moment you need it to get there.

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