What Info Do You Need For A Wire Transfer?


A wire transfer enables you to quickly and safely move money around the globe. This transfer process has made it easy for individuals and organizations to do business overseas without the hassle of waiting several days for a single transaction to go through.

There are various delivery methods you can use to wire money, including bank-to-bank transfer, online money transfer, and digital payment providers. But what info do you need for a wire transfer? This article talks about how to make a wire transfer and the information you’ll need to do so.

How To Send A Wire Transfer

When you want to send a wire transfer, you’ll first need to decide which financial institution to use. Once you have decided, you’ll need to give your service provider the recipient’s account details. Then, you’ll fill out the transfer form which will enable the bank or service provider to send the money to the recipient. It’s also a good idea to check any fees you might be incurring before making the transfer.

What Information Is Needed For A Bank Wire Transfer?

Traditionally, banks were the only institutions that offered wire transfer services. But recently, online money transfer services and credit unions have become more popular because they are faster and cheaper than banks, especially when sending money overseas. However, banks are still a popular way to transfer money, as many people feel comfortable using them. To wire money through a bank, you have to provide all the essential details, including:

  • Sender’s full name
  • Recipient’s full name
  • Senders bank and account details
  • Recipient’s bank and account details

You can either fill out an online form or visit your local branch. You will also be asked to provide the routing number and bank account number for wire transfers in the United States. The routing number is a nine-digit code printed on the bottom of a check to identify the bank from which the money was sent. Oftentimes it is simple enough to make wire transfers through a bank’s website or mobile app, saving you the hassle of needing to gather information from or visit a physical branch.

If you are making an international wire transfer, you’ll need to have the recipient’s SWIFT code or Business Identifier Code (BIC). These codes help to identify banks and other financial institutions globally. Sometimes, your financial institution will ask you to provide reasons for sending the money, especially if it’s an international wire transfer.   

What Information Is Required To Wire Money Through Digital Transfer Services?

Digital transfer services offer a faster and more affordable alternative to banks, especially when you are sending money overseas in a foreign currency. But you’ll have to register and verify your account with your preferred provider before you can make a transfer.

Some online platforms will ask you for the recipient’s particulars and banking information. However, others will allow you to transfer funds using only the recipient’s email address. But in this case, the recipient must have a registered account with the platform.

What Information Is Needed To Wire Money Through Credit Unions?

To transfer money to a recipient’s bank account through a credit union, you must have the recipient’s personal and banking details, just like with a bank. If you’re looking to transfer cash to an individual, rather than the deposit to their account, you will need to provide the recipient’s name, address, contact details, and country. The recipient will be required to show their government-issued identification document at the store where they collect the money.


In summary, always make sure that the information you provide is correct before starting the transfer. Wire transfers are a fast and efficient way to send money around the globe, but errors in the recipient’s account info can cause unwanted delays. Thanks to advancements in the world of fintech, there are now other options when it comes to making international transfers, transfers that allow you to send money instantly and for nearly free. Here at Cashero, we offer instant transfers from our high yield savings account to more than 160 countries, completely free for personal use.

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