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Earning 10% APY

BRL: 50.00


High Yield Savings Account

Receive inflation-beating interest rates of 4%-10% APY. Yes, you read that correctly. Flexibility, no minimum balance required monthly fees or penalties for withdrawals. Do that thing that rich people do, make money while you sleep.

Instant MoneyTransfer

Tap a button and start sending, requesting, and receiving payments worldwide. It’s fast, secure, and easy.

Instant Money Transfer

Transfer MoneyAbroad

Send money back home. Stretch your hard-earned money even further with low exchange fees. Cashero helps you send money internationally with no hassle.

Multi-CurrencySavings Account

Multiple currencies, one wallet. Convert your local currency into USD, GBP, or EUR to reduce currency fluctuation risk.

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Online Currency Exchange

Instantly exchange between USD, EUR, and GBP at rates so good that you’ll never exchange currency with a bank again. Beat that.


Make profit on your profit with our high yield savings. Send, request, and receive money from customers worldwide.


Fee-Free Donations

Heroes deserve special treatment. When you receive donations in-app or via a donation request link, you receive 100% of the funds and your donations earn interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cashero?

Cashero is an all-in-one mobile platform for multi-currency high-yield savings, currency exchange and instant cross-border payments. We're your money's superhero.

High yield savings: Cashero users receive inflation-beating, bank-beating, almost-too-good-to-be true interest rates of 4%-10% APY.

Multi-currency wallet: no minimum balance or maintenance fees. Cashero users can reduce currency fluctuation risk by holding balances in USD, GBP, and EUR.

Currency conversion: users can instantly exchange between USD, EUR, and GBP.

Instant Payments: users can send a payment or transfer, request, and receive money from users worldwide faster than you can say Cashero.

Business: businesses can send, request, and receive money from customers worldwide.

Fee-free charity donations: charities can sign up to Cashero to receive donations. Charities can use their Cashero link to request donations via Cashero.

Rewards: users earn rewards for referring people to Cashero.

The Cashero mobile app is launching soon. Stay tuned!

Cashero is in the process of becoming an EU-regulated financial institution.

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