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The Cashero Way: Quickly Send Money Around the World Online

Not all heroes wear capes, some go to work every day to take care of their loved ones. We know this. We’re by your side each step of the way ensuring your hard-earned money arrives safely and quickly.

Secure Global Money Transfers

Cashero’s global money transfer service gives you a quick and secure way to send money abroad. We make sending money easy-peasy with no hidden fees.

Your friends and family across the world will thank you, but no need to thank us, that’s what we’re here for.


How it Works. It’s Simple.


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Send money to a Cashero user and have them withdraw the funds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of transfers can I make with Cashero?

Cashero allows you to send money across the globe. Once we’re live, go to the Payments tab, and select the contact you would like to transfer money to, and add the amount you would like to send. The user will receive your funds and then can withdraw the money to their bank account, debit card, mobile wallet, or even at the cash pickup location depending on the country.

Cashero is available in 120+ countries. To find out if you are eligible, please click here for a list of Cashero’s supported countries.

There are different fees for individual users, charities, and businesses. All fees are laid out in the app, completely transparent so you always know what they are.

Transferring money from your Cashero account to another user is done in an instant. When the user withdraws these funds to the bank account, this can take anywhere from 1-3 days to appear.

Yes. Your money is protected using multi-party computation (MPC) and hardware isolation with Intel SGX enclaves. It sounds complex and it is, on purpose. These security layers ensure your money and information is safe and protected.

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